Wood Roasted Espresso from Naples

From the birthplace of espresso, Naples, we carry an exclusive line of incredible wood roasted espresso beans.

They make exceptional espresso blends, just like you would expect to get in an authentic “bar” in Naples. These blends are outstanding. You can taste the difference quality and experience makes.

Characteristic of these blends is their thick crema and dark chocolaty taste. This is REAL espresso. Taste the difference!

Not just espresso though. These roasts make great americanos, cappuccinos, and a great cup of coffee.


Wood Roasted Espresso Beans Imported from Naples

Comes in 1 kg bags

SUPERCREMA (%70 Robusta/30%Arabic)       1kg- $27.00     (CREAMIER, SMOOTHER)

CLASSICA (%50 Robusta/50%Arabic)               1kg- $28.00    (BALANCED)

BAR BLEND  (%30 Robusta/70%Arabic)           1kg- $29.00    (MORE INTENSE)

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